Cheap Call Shop Service Providers in South Africa

Voice calls from R0.10/m No capital required high profits no contracts

Call shop service provider

Ecotel is the best phone call shop service provider in South Africa. Do you own an internet café? Do you need more money? Let’s double your present income. If yes the answer is Ecotel’s phone call shop system. Its an easy to use software that needs to be installed on each and every computer so that users can make calls whenever they want after it is linked to Ecotel network to make calls. Ecotel will supply you with one deskphone for those who want to make calls without the need to use a computer. This way you can make a lot of money more than you can with your internet café.

How does a call shop work?

1. A caller pays a call shop admin in advance
2. A call shop admin opens a booth for use
3. A caller makes a caller
4. The caller settles the bill.
Call shop setup process
1. A call shop owner buys the call shop package.
2. Ecotel set the call shop account on their network and delivers the package. 3. Ecotel sets the callshop remotely. 4. The phone shop is ready to use.

What is a call shop?

A call shop or phone shop is a number of phone booths which people pay to a call shop admin to make cheap international and local calls. The setup compromises of a network provider, billing software and phones that are used to make calls.

Who needs a call shop?

Internet cafes, spaza shops, and all the people who want to make money with a call shop. Everyone or company that needs more profits.


Benefits of Ecotel call shop?

- Cheap calls which are 50% cheaper than your competitors attracts customers to your business
- Double your profits with less capital
- More profit margins
- Higher profit
- International calling gives you more to your customers while boosting your profits
- Keeping your internet users engaged with your internet café
- Added value to your internet users
- Crystal clear & hd voice

Why Ecotel call shop?

- High margins of profits
- No contracts
- Cheap prices that attracts everyone
- No cancellation fees

Voip call rates south africa

Ecotel charges Call shop owner charges Call shop owner profit
Landline 35c 40c 5c - 12%
Mobile 50c 60c 10c - 17%
International landline From 35c/m - 18c
International mobile From 50c/m - 10%

Why Ecotel call shop?

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