Dear Ecotel clients, suppliers & detractors

Dear Ecotel clients, suppliers, beneficiaries & detractors

With a bleeding heart, I wrote this letter.

I am so sorry to let you know that we won’t be continuing offering services and all active services will be disconnected by the 31st of May. Except for all hosting services which will remain up and running. We do apologize for some of our hosting downtime for the server that was at Afrihost that was taken down by Afrihost without us knowing. All the hosting services will not be disrupted. We apologize for the loss of business and inconveniences caused it was beyond our control.

To our valued clients

We really do apologize that we have to stop offering services for the coming 2 months. To those who have been with us since we started our journey in 2012. We say thank you. In ups and downs, you were with us.

Thank you.

In the meantime, you can move your services to Axxess. They are honourable and their prices are almost the same as ours. And their services are one of the best in Africa. In terms of reliability and speed. To those who owe us kindly pay as we do have a lot of money that we owe to our suppliers, employees and some of our clients(refunds). By doing so that will help us to clear all the money Ecotel owes.

To those who are owed money and suppliers

We apologize for the inconveniences caused. Although we may delay to pay you the money owed to you, we will surely pay you off although it may not be as fast as we want. If you are owed Kindly send an email to [email protected] Kindly be short and be specific in your writing to us.

To the beneficiaries

As you all know, Ecotel gave all its profits to charity. And I hereby apologize for those who were supposed to benefit any kind of help. But I believe that Ecotel was just an instrument of God and God will use another instrument for your upliftment. We will continue with our charity projects as soon as we are done paying back all those Ecotel owes.

What happened?

Some may ask what happened? Yes, you have the right to know since all this affects you. As you all know. Our services were offered via EFT instead of debit order. And many clients used to pay only once and then they will go on using our services and hardware without paying on average for 3 months. Meaning to say that many would pay only for one month out of 3 months of service. On top of that, they will continue to use the hardware without paying for it or returning it. But we had to pay our suppliers even though we were not paid by our clients. That contributed mainly to our downfall

Some may ask why not debit order?

To be honest, we applied with debit order companies with no luck since we opened. That is what contributed more to our downfall. We would then cut off our clients after sometime of trying to get them to pay. But at the same time, we had to pay our suppliers. And in many cases, those clients who were cut off would go to our banks. And complain against Ecotel. And the banks would without consulting with us freeze our accounts. And we would go for some time without access to money and that affected us as a business. For example, the courier companies would stop delivering the hardware because of payments. Causing further delays and losses.

Scam narrative

Some delayed clients would go on social media platforms. Using our internet that Ecotel is a scam just to avoid paying what they owed to Ecotel. And that misinformation continued mainly from people who were never our clients. I really don’t know who started that false narrative. I believe there was a third hand. Some would not pay because they thought that indeed Ecotel was a scam even though they were using Ecotel services. And by so doing they thought they were revenging for all the scammed people. New potential customers would then stay away from our brand because of that misinformation. I believe there was a third hand. But some they would come to 330 surrey avenue at our support centre. Only to realise that they had been lied to and then they would do business with Ecotel.

Is Ecotel a scam?

If it means a company that does not exist then Ecotel is not.
If it means a company that is not registered then Ecotel is not.
If it means a black-owned company then Ecotel is a scam. (I say this because someone posted on facebook that Ecotel cannot be trusted because it’s black-owned.)
If it means a company in financial difficulties then Ecotel is a scam.
If it means a company that owes you money then Ecotel is a scam if Ecotel owes you money.
If it means a company that has cut you off because of not paying then Ecotel is a scam.
If it means a company that is having challenges paying salaries, suppliers and refunds then Ecotel is a scam.

Some of our suppliers have joined our detractors and misinformation that Ecotel is a scam. My question to them is. All the hardware that was collected from you by courier companies to be delivered to our clients what happened to that hardware. Were the courier companies not delivering? Were we paying you only to keep that hardware for ourselves? To our clients who have joined the queue. I ask that you tell the truth and confront us where we are wrong and not on misinformation. If Ecotel owes you money kindly be patient with us as we pay you even though it may take time for us to do so

So what is the way forward?

We are in communication with third parties especially in leadership to help us penetrate the blocked market and access to all required services that enables any company to run. We are raising money paying off all those owed bit by bit till we are done paying off.

What have I learnt from all this?

As a black person, I have learnt that the telecommunications industry remains untransformed. I am not trying to pull the race card but to be honest. For example e;g if the government gives Ecotel a tender, 90% will go to other companies and the actual amount that goes to Ecotel will be 10%. So the above(tenders) is not the answer. But as a telecommunications company, you will always need another company’s infrastructure but if they all close the door for you then you won’t survive.

For every business to succeed you need access to platforms, other services, finance etc.
For example, if you start a business like Ecotel you will need to debit your customer as people will not be honest enough to pay. Some they will be too busy to pay, some will forget. But if you are coming from a disadvantaged background mainly black it’s not easy for your debit order application to be considered. As a result, your customers won’t pay and you will delay paying your suppliers. And your suppliers will stop supplying you. And those suppliers whether white or black they will stop trusting black people. If you go to the bank, they will not finance your business but can only finance a fancy car. In the end, you will disappoint your suppliers who wanted to go against the system. As a result, you will have to close your business.

No matter what you do that business will not succeed without other companies’ services and you can’t develop your own systems as you don’t have a budget and knowledge to do that. And no business can survive with no access to third-party services, finance, suppliers etc So I do not blame those companies that do not trust black business. But the system that is designed against the disadvantaged mainly black. And penalizes you if you stand with the blacks which the system is designed against. So the only way to make it work as a black man is when you are fronted. If not fronted, black man, you are on your own. And black people will be used to attack you and you will be used as a case study to prove that nothing can come out of the black man.

And the end result for a black man is the prison for failing. So as to teach you and others not to do what you are not supposed to do but to drive a siyaya, garden boy, house girl, farm worker etc

For those affected by our 2 months closing,

Again I say sorry.

For those who want to see this website down. Please allow this site to be up to enable us to communicate with all those who need to communicate with us. Especially those who are moving their services. And note that we are not taking any orders but we only want to communicate with those who need help. PLEASE

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