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Get Paid R3000/day on Your Spare Time. Here is How?

Here is How you can get paid on your spare time. You will wish you had visited this page earlier. Get paid Now

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Register online, confirm your account
and receive tips on how to make money.

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Start selling and get paid per sale
and get paid when all your recruits sell.

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Start recruiting partners and
get paid per new partner & when they recruit!

Step 4

Become Ecotel full time partner
and get paid 3X more . Ready?

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Get paid™ is a way of getting everyone paid during your spare time. So poverty is now by choice. And how much you want to earn is up to you. By becoming Ecotel's business partner it means that you are part of the family that is changing lives because Ecotel donates all of their profits through Tgs care. You will help every business that you refer to Ecotel through their automated, cheap and reliable services. Ecotel wants to help you achieve your dreams, be it that latest car, marrying that beautiful sister from the choir, a house etc. What are you waiting for?

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Frequently asked questions

1How do I get paid?

You get paid by referring customers to Ecotel up to R100 000 per referral.
You get paid everytime you recruit a new business partner.
You get paid everytime your business partners recruits new business partners.
You get paid part of the commission your business partners earns.
You get paid everytime you increase your income.
You get paid everytime you recruit more business partners

2When do I get paid?

You get paid everytime you make a withdrawal in your account.

3What is the minimum amount to keep my account active?

For every account to remain active you need a minimum of R10. And this money belongs to you.

4When do I get paid for my new business partners?
You get paid for your new business partners signups when they have made a minimum of R500 income. So it's your duty to help and motivate them to make more money fast
5How much do I get paid per successful sale?
It depends on the rank and product. In most cases its 10% while is some cases its 50%
6What is the R1 monthly subscription for?
The R1 monthly charge is for system maintenance so that you can only focus on making money. The support team is like mechanics and you just focus on driving and the support team fixes the car whenever there is a problem.
7How much do I get paid per new business partner?
You get paid R100 per new business partner you recruit. And R10 per new business partner your business partners recruits, E.g you recruit 40 nbp you get R4000. If they recruit 40 nbp each which is 1600 nbp in total you will get R16 000. In total its R20 000 Excluding commissions which is likey to be 9x more.

1How many ways can I use to sell more?

You can sell more by posting your links on social media pages and groups
You can sell more by posting your links in comments on third party sites including related discussions forums like whichvoip, my broadband, hellopeter etc
You can sell more by sending emails with Ecotel offers and your link
You can sell more by sending whatsapp messages to your contacts and groups with Ecotel offers and your link
You can sell more by word of mouth and telling your clients to enter your partner id number when purchasing any product.
You can sell more by displaying advertising banners on websites with your link
You can sell more by being creative

2How to sell more on social media?

The more business groups you post your links in the more the sales you make. Answer questions if someone asks a question in comments.

3How to sell more using email marketing

Do not be pushy when sending emails but just tell them that you are helping them by informing them of the offers Ecotel has and the unique advantages which includes cheap prices, automated, reliable and that they give all their profits to charity.

4How can I make more money with my site?

If you have a site. Good news is you place banners on your site by simple copying the code for the banner of your choice. The bigger the better. And you convert more when you place a horizontal banner at the top and a vertical banner on the left

5Refer your friends, relatives and companies to Ecotel

Everytime you get a chance to present Ecotel products and services use it to make money whether on the church pulpit or at a tarven. Refer your friends, relatives and companies to Ecotel and get paid more

6How to use extra time to make money

On your spare time visit nearby companies and prospects and tell them about Ecotel.

7Full time business partner or part time business partner?

You get paid when you go full time partner than part time partner. Your commissions increases, you receive more training and you get more selling tools then you get paid 3 times more

1Where do I send an email when I need help?

Send an Email to Business partners' manager using email getpaid(at) and remember to replace (at) with @

2Where do I register?

Follow the link to register as a business partner

3How do I login to my partner account?

Follow this link to login:

4How do I recover a lost password?

Visit the following link and enter your email address you used to create the account to receive a link to set your new password

5How do I set my banking details?

In your account navigate to profile then payments set up and enter your banking details to receive payments

6How do I create affiliate links for a certain page of my choice with my partner id?

In your account navigate to marketing then affiliate links. Copy the link you want to use paste it in a box named "specific url" then click generate url. Or just add /?ref= and your partner id eg infront of every url

7How and where do I get banners to display on a site?

In your account navigate to marketing then affiliate banners. Choose the banner size you want to use and copy and paste the code and the banner will be automatically displayed

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