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  1. I would like to use your services as we on a farm with no telephone connection. What would I need to get this done right first time, would I need to buy the equipment from you guys pay it off an so on.
    Than you

  2. What type of service do you need? ADSL Internet
    Where would you like this service for? Personal use (Home)
    Do you currently have any internet connection installed? No
    In which area would you like this service for? Rensburg, Heidelberg
    How would you like to meet with the technician? As recommended by the technician
    Internet Service Providers

  3. Deon de Wet-Roos

    I’m looking for a reliable internet service. I’ve tried all the major LTE service providers but they don’t cover our area in Risiville in Vereeniging near Jhb. Do you have a product that will allow internet access for the home? About 4-5 devices. I run my business from home as well.

  4. Please contact me regarding a quote for a home in a rural area. No lines available, very little cellphone network coverage. Need internet connection for laptops and cellphones, streaming & downloading.

  5. Hi we stay outside Port Elizabeth and looking for wireless satellite internet for on the farm there is no landline

    Please contact me


  6. Hi,

    I live in Johannesburg please send me the cost structure of your satellite internet. Preferably uncapped.

  7. Hi I am interested in Satellite Internet here on our remote farm. We do not have telkom telephone lines anymore. We also do not have cellphone signal, so we are currently using wireless internet. I am now looking at faster, cheaper and more reliable internet.
    What makes satellite internet better than wireless?
    Does bad whether influence the signals?
    Does peak times slow internet down, and how much?
    Can you please send me the pricing on your uncapped packages.
    Please come back to me ASAP

  8. Hi I would like satellite WiFi to teach from home, a 10 Mbps at an affordable price with free or low installation cost,ASAP

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