Voip Reseller Program South Africa.

High profits White label Cheapest call rates 100% uptime guaranteed You use your own portal own branding you manage your customers Your customers do not know Ecotel exist have your own resellers

Voip reseller program

Ecotel is the best voip reseller wholesale service provider in South Africa with presence in almost 47 countries in the world. This is an opportunity for you to start your business without capital, infrastructure or licenses. At the same time making money with high quality services at the lowest charges. With Ecotel voip reseller wholesale service program you charge your prices, manage your customers and they will never know that Ecotel exist. They offer white label voip reseller wholesale with your branding on your admin portal, customer portal and urls.

What is a voip reseller?

Voip reseller is an individual or company that sells voip services provided by a wholesale voip provider like Ecotel. The voip reseller then adds profit on top of the provided pricing by the voip wholesaler. A voip reseller doesn’t have to invest in expensive network infrastructure.
Any company or individual who wants to start a very profitable business without large amounts of capital and labor. It agencies, hosting companies, internet service provider will benefit more with Ecotel voip reseller program. Contact Ecotel voip wholesaler for more information

How does a voip reseller program work?

1. Register with Ecotel voip wholesaler provider
2. Choose an option between white label reseller or standard reseller
White label reseller: url, admin and customer dashboard with your own branding, own customers & pricing. Your customers don’t know Ecotel exists
Standard reseller: Ecotel manages and uses its own standard pricing and pays you on commission for all the business you generate.
3. You start making money selling voip services

Benefits of a voip reseller

  • Cheap voip rates for more profits
  • Quality voip services resulting in customer satisfaction
  • Self service – make money while you sleep or at another work
  • 100% uptime
  • No expensive network infrastructure required
  • No expensive labor required for maintenance

Why Ecotel voip reseller program?

  • High profits
  • Cheapest call rates
  • Your customers do not know Ecotel exist
  • You use your own url, admin and customer dashboard with your own branding & own pricing.
  • No expensive network infrastructure required
  • you manage your customers
  • Ecotel gives you ability to have your own resellers

White label voip reseller

  • You sell our services as your own
  • Whitelabel service - Your clients do not know that Ecotel exists
  • Your customers do not know Ecotel exist
  • You charge your clients
  • You manage your clients
  • You offer your customers support
  • Ecotel gives you ability to have your own resellers

Why Ecotel Voip reseller program?

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