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unlimited agents, queues and campaigns, Complete performance reports by agent and by queue

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Call centre solutions

Do you need a cheap but the best call centre? The answer is Ecotel call centre. With Ecotel call centre you make cheap outgoing calls and you enjoy free unlimited calls within your call center. Ecotel call centre software gives you all the statistics and performance of each agent. And you don’t need to break a bank to start your call centre because installation is almost free. You can also choose to pay airtime for your callers or vice –versa.

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Benefits of Ecotel call centre

Queue Callback, Blacklisting, VIP Caller, Automated Report Distribution, Geographical Call Routing, Live Call Monitoring, Call Whisper/Call Barge, Quality Assurance Evaluations, Pre-determined Call Disposition, Custom Report Builder, Agent Performance Tracker, Time of Day Routing, Real Time & Historical Call Reporting, Complex IVR, Call Queues, Remote Agent Capability, Free Softphones, etc

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  • R450/m equipment
  • R45/m equipment/agent
  • Onsite
  • R750 software/m
  • R120 s+e/agent



  • R1400/pm equipment
  • R28/m equipment/agent
  • Onsite
  • R2000 software/m
  • R68 s+e/agent



  • R2600/m equipment
  • R26/m equipment/agent
  • Onsite
  • R3000 software/m
  • R56 s+e/agent



  • R25/m equipment
  • R25/m equipment/agent
  • Oncloud
  • – software/yr
  • R175 s+e/agent

Call center equipment suppliers

Ecotel is one of the best call centre suppliers in South Africa. Ecotel supplies call centre headsets, PBX’s, call centre deskphones, call centre softphones etc. All their equipment comes with a 2 year guarantee giving you a peace of mind. You can choose to paying in installments and a once off payment.

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And more…
  • Strong security model
  • You only see what you are supposed to see
  • All features can be turned on and off
  • Can be configured for complete multi-tenancy
  • Support for agent hot-desking
  • Rich JSON and XML-RPC API
  • Currently localized to 18 languages
  • Very extensive manuals and free support
  • Big online worldwide community
Ecotel call centre software features
Supports unlimited agents, supervisors, queues and campaigns.
Control clusters of Asterisk servers as a single virtual server.
Compatible with any Asterisk version and configuration.
Available in multiple languages.
Compute over 180 metrics for calls, traffic, sessions.
Single and multiple reporting for queues/campaigns.
Weekly activity breakdown in days, hours.
Measure business targets against SLAs.
Measure staff performance on ACD/non­ACD activities.
Customizable QA forms for live/recorded call grading.
Complete performance reports by agent and by queue.
Listen to live/recorded calls also on multi­server setups.
Export reporting data to MS Excel, CVS, XML.
Detailed real­time activity reporting with definable alarms.
Listen to live calls remotely.
Available real­time Wallboard mode.
View agent screens via VNC screen­sharing server.
Restricted Visitor mode for external inspection.
Add/remove agents directly from Administrator screen.
Available extension module Agent Awareness
Integrated WebRTC Softphone
Agent Page, the innovative and minimalistic interface where agents can operate all their call-center functions with only one control icon.
To mention a few
Live monitoring: Realtime
  • View the live status of queues and outbound campaigns
  • Track live calls
  • View calls connected and waiting to connect, listen to calls in progress, start XMPP chats, track IVRs and MOH, track ACD attempts
  • View and manage agents
  • Log them on and off, move between queues, pause and unpause them
  • Push messages to agents
  • Set live alarms
Live monitoring: Wallboard
  • A powerful Wallboards
  • editor lets you create personalized and customizable wallboards
  • Drag and drop components
  • Customizable
  • Colour alarm settings
  • Kiosk mode
Agent interface
  • Agents manage their own life-cycle
  • Log on and off – some or all queues at once
  • Pauses with status codes
  • Live messages from their supervisors
  • Agents handle calls
  • Screen pops
  • Can set user-definable status codes on calls
  • Can dial out through campaigns
  • Quality tracking
  • Agents run their own self-service statistics
Rich reporting
  • Over 180 metrics computed
  • Taken and lost calls, Agent sessions, Connection attempts, Daily and intra-day evolution, Outcomes…
  • Powerful drill-down filters
  • Completely configurable
  • Extensive call details
  • Quality tracking


Quality tracking
  • Define your own powerful and flexible call scoring forms
  • Extensive quality statistics
  • Find efficient sets of calls to be scored (Grader’s page)
  • Manage the quality life-cycle of your agents (Performance Tracker)
  • Agent feedback via Tasks system
  • Can be used as a micro-CRM to associate info to calls