in South Africa from 10c/m, Calls from 10c/m only. Unlimited calls from R199/m, landline number on mobile, first month free then R40/m. Pay only when you have the number. Setup R40. Landline number to cellphone. Don't delay. Order now.

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Voip call rates South Africa

Destination Ecotel Telkom U save
Network - network 10c 46c 36c
Local 28c 46c 18c
National 28c 46c 18c
Mobile 40c 130c 90c
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Ecotel landline number

Ecotel is the best and cheapest landline number service provider in South Africa. Telephone numbers are commonly called did numbers or virtual numbers. Ecotel offers international and local numbers. Their South African geographical local numbers ranges from 010, 011, 012, 021, 031, 051 etc South African national numbers includes 0861, 087 etc. Free set up, R40 per month rental

How does a local landline number work?

Icasa regulates the telephone numbering to telephone/ landline number service provider. The service provider manages the telephone numbers and charges for that. With Ecotel, all those who stay out of the country can buy this number and enjoy 10c per minute calls. So they will stay connected.

Hosted pbx prices

5 Extensions


Hosted pbx

  • R225 total price
  • free sip trunk
  • unlimited calls between extensions

10 Extensions


Hosted pbx

  • R390 total price
  • free sip trunk
  • unlimited calls between extensions

25 Extensions


Hosted pbx

  • R875 total price
  • free sip trunk
  • unlimited calls between extensions

50 Extensions


Hosted pbx

  • R1600 total price
  • free sip trunk
  • unlimited calls between extensions



Benefits of a local telephone number

- Companies with a landline number are trusted than those without
- Cheap calls from 10c per minute as compared to cellphones which ranges from R1 up
- Cheap calls for those who stay abroad
- To reduce phone bills

Why Ecotel local landline number?

- Cheap landline rental R40 per month as compared to R160 per month
- Ecotel local telephone number works with any device – mobile phone, deskphone, latop etc
- Ecotel local telephone number is mobile – it’s not dependent on location or country
- Ecotel has no contracts local telephone number

Ecotel local telephone number rental price

Includes ivr, welcome message, music on hold, calls from 10c/m

R40 per month first month free


Which device can you use with Ecotel landline

You can receive calls on your cellphone, deskphone, computer etc

Who needs a local telephone number?

Every individual and company that needs to be trusted. As an individual every form needs a telephone number and that increases trust with your service providers. A local telephone number builds credibility and boost trust levels with your customers. Those who stay abroad need this number to call back home from 10c per minute.

Which local landline numbers does Ecotel offer

Ecotel has every South Africa local telephone numbers/ did. Local numbers includes 010, 011, 012, 021, 031, 015 etc Instead of paying R160 per month with Ecotel landline rental is R40 only per month. Our landline numbers comes with an unlimited addons that includes, ivr, welcome message etc And you can use or landlines with a cellphone, smartphone, landline desk phone, tablet etc

Telkom landline number vs Ecotel virtual landline number

• Ecotel landline number is easy to move while Telkom landline number is difficult to move
• Ecotel landline number comes with unlimited and flexible addons
• Ecotel landline number is easy to take with you wherever you go while Telkom landline number is fixed
• Ecotel landline number calls ranges from 10c/m while Telkom landline number ranges from 46c/m
• Ecotel landline number is R40/month while Telkom landline number is around R160/month
• Ecotel landline number works instantly while Telkom landline number takes time to setup and install
• Ecotel landline number is 100% reliable while Telkom landline numbers are affected by cable theft

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