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Wireless internet deals South Africa from R499 only

Fast speed, no limits, no contracts, no go slow towards month end. Fast deployments.
No setup required, Airfibre + Speeds up to 50Mbps, No landline/fibre required, Connect many Wifi users, Delivered in 2 days
Reliable redundancy, 99,99% uptime, Voip compatible, no cables required

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50GB lte deals

Up to 50Mbs
100GB lte deals

Up to 50Mbs
200GB lte deals south africa

Up to 50Mbs

25GB lte deals south africa

Up to 50Mbs
Premium +
55GB lte deals

Up to 50Mbs
Premium +
85GB lte deals

Up to 50Mbs
Premium +
120GB lte deals

Up to 50Mbs
Premium +
220GB lte deals

Up to 50Mbs
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330GB lte deals

Up to 50Mbs
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1Why Ecotel Lte services
1. No landline or fibre needed
2. Delivered in 3 days
3. You can move with your internet connection
4. No cancellation fees
5. No long term contracts.
6. High airfibre speeds
What is the process?
1. Purchase your lte deal online and enter your delivery details 2. Pay against your invoice 3. Send your passport or id copy to [email protected] 4. Receive your sim card and insert in the Lte router 5. Start using the internet

Are your Lte internet services for residential or business use?
Yes they are for both. Just choose the service that suits your needs.

What do I require to use your Lte internet?
For you to use our Lte service you will need an Lte router.

What speeds can one expect on your LTE network?
You will get speeds up to 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload, but this is dependent on the number of users connecting to the device, distance to the nearest tower, line of sight, the number of users on that specific base station, as well as spectrum allocation.

How do I rica for the sim card?
After purchasing Lte services you must sent your passport or id copy to [email protected]

Can I use a Voip with your Lte service?
Our Lte is voip compatible.

Do I receive a sim card to use with your services?
You don’t need a simcard to use our landline numbers.

How much do I need to pay for the delivery?
Our courier delivers your router and sim card to you free of charge.

How many Lte deals can I order?
You can order as many Lte deals as you need.
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